wandering egg, 2.0

Friends by Sarah Dougherty. Pen paper duh!
"Where the hell'd you guys go last time?"

Picture this: the phoenix rising from the ash. Only, it’s an egg. Triumphant, airborne, like a disease, Boeing 747, Messiah, or Allah, a la carte, Egg.

All of this is to say that, four months ago, my blog disappeared. The original “Wandering Egg” assuredly rests in peace beneath crisp blogospheric soils.

So don’t worry. This is the second coming. The Wandering Egg 2.0. New and improved discourse on life’s vital notions: diving board dexterity, alternate uses for lentils, fluorescent turbans, chiaroscuro mamas, and how to make him like you. Oh yeah, and the real reason why I insist on polluting the blogosphere. Because I have a knack for a little something called Alphabet Theory, which, besides inevitably reeking of (my) Kenyon College English Major Pretentiousness, really has reshaped my relationship with words, writing, reading – the world.

Absurdism and the Alphabet: the love story begins here. Promise you’ll read on?


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