Tree Thuggin’

Mixing bizniss with pleasure, pleasure with bizniss, turns out to be a redonkulous elixir. Forgive me. It’s just that a certain “Young D” seems to ebb in and out of my persona in a real Dr. Jeckyll feat. Hyde kind of way. Bet you didn’t know this white girl from the souf was rife with riffs! EW – I CAN’T BELIEVE I JUST TYPED THAT. Did it. A co-worker told me my rapping seemed “Haystack and Bubba” influenced. Welp, I’m flattered. Because, clearly, my point of references for split personalities was Jeckyll Hyde, not of the retro rapper-cracker ilk.
Anyway. I know Christmas is awkwardly distanced from us on this grimy February Eve (word up, Santa, if you’re reading), but I’d like for you all to make my sugar plum wishes come true by watching THIS VIDEO over, and over, and over again. You’ll make me the happiest AmeriCorps on this CO2-groped earth! And tell me what you think! I am working to make it better, shorter, better! 

You see, tiny crickets of the universe, in order for me to earn esteem and recognition in the work place (a pat on the back from Adrian Benepe? a raise in the form of extant Egyptian currency?) I need to prove that there is some demand for tree care-related video content. My whole goal for Ye Old Year of AmeriCorps Service is to make the MillionTrees message SOMEWHAT PLAUSIBLY ENGAGING for kids in tough neighborhoods so that they will respect – and potentially water – their street trees planted by Parks n Rec.

So send it to yo kids, yo wife, even your pgymy shrew if you have one (I know you do!)… and refresh your browser so the hits go up and up! That way everyone in New York City will take care of their trees and “It’s a Small World After All” will suffuse the universe entrancing us all like Disney roller-coaster puppets!


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