Pre-Rap Era Sarah: “Yalp,” which is “Play” Backwards. Cringe!!!

Pre-rap days, I was drawing tiny men and starring them in Stoppard-esque (I flatter myself) screenplays. Meet these guys, the despondent alter-egos of my Letter Play final project for Erika Boeckeler’s “Alphabet in Literature and Visual Art” class from Spring 2010! Did I mention I went to a ferociously liberal arts college? If the BBC produced Pinky and the Brain with a 5-year old Production Assistant, you’d have this video. Called “Yalp.” The theoretical significance of which… well… you’ll just have to watch. As if you needed more, long-winded proof that my sense of humor lurks in tepid limbo between bizarre and unfunny. Watch… maybe… 3 minutes and you’ll not-laugh. More to follow re: what the hell I was thinking when I submitted this for a grade.


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