idylls of the zing

salt "tat!" na na na

er. zinger. i really wanted to make that work. and i don’t know why – unnecessary. like the rest of this post: fun, fun facts regarding… knee-buckling suspense… SALT.

guys, serendipitous is this. joy morton is the man who founded the morton salt company in 1910. joy’s father, julius sterling morton, a nebraskan politician and do-gooder, invented arbor day. from the family that brought you tree love, SALT. maybe my two favorite things… was i a morton?

and since mad men aired yesterday i might as well tell you that the morton salt girl’s purpose is to show you that morton’s salt used magnesium sorbate, an absorbing agent, in it, which revolutionized the sodium industry and would make it possible for even a cute little girl be able to pour a granular, unclumped stream of salt in the pouring rain. my only concern is that she’s wasting all of that salt.

could salt, the first food preservative, be the bedrock of civilization? could the morton salt girl be the beginning of the don draper’s ad-age, so maybe the stimulus for modern consumer culture? could trees and salt figure in my personal crest which i will weld after writing this post?

yes to the last.


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