“he learn his lesson not to smoke weed cuz it kill trees”

henry* – you’re onto something, kid. y’all: meet henry. henry is in middle school and attended my “tree video” workshop today at the parks department’s “green thumb grow together” conference in the bronx. in my workshop i sweet talked kids do a five-minute free write, watching over them like a hawk to make sure their pencils didn’t cease spewing the prodigal stuff of dreams. i.e., make sure they didn’t stop writing about how much they love trees. then i filmed them. teehee! i’m trynna make a documentary and henry will undoubtedly be the star. oh right you just wanna see henry.

i give you, henry.

Untitled from Sarah Dougherty on Vimeo.

*name was changed for permissions reasons. i know i know, but if you want to see who this awesome tree kid is really, check back in a few months when the milliontreesnyc doc is FINISHED.


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