desperate houseplants


taking the day off. to warmify model shots of my houseplants (getting a lot of blog time lately, huh??), bake cookies and clean pigeon shit off my windows (simultaneously – a clorox to oven mitt tango dangerously ladled over my window ledge). gotta dodge the poop! this day is awesome! and it’s raining biblically, so after i’m done sexualizing my plants i’ll probably go outside and jump in puddles. thinking about wearing my apron and pigtails.

shouldn’t you do this stuff when you take days off? the opposite of professional, the “quintessence” of fresh (“quintessence:” new vocab from last night’s bachelorette). 

*amplify edge blur* i can’t believe a year ago i was christening kenyon campus with my senior week spirit. i’ve spent this year cloaking my nostalgia in busyness but, alas, the circadian rhythm of kokosing breezes and new apt day drinking are clamoring up from below. long runs on gravel roads with kujo dogs chasing you beneath the din of oblivious tractor driving owners. skinny dipping in the kokosing. wearing man flannel to pierce. pierce. robin hood men in tights and sour patch kids. ghost walks raves and vi patio nights. PASS THE MAPLE SYRUP, I’M FEELING SAPPY. luckily this is a celebratory month! visits from gaither, mollie, kara, sophie (MAYBE?), and the one and only p dog ward. new york does a lot of things to squelch your pride, but my kenyon fervor is one lime that shan’t be squelched. one juicy lime!

puddle time!


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