missus worldwide

it’s been called to my attention by a certain salted reader that perhaps i should blog more genuinely. alphabet theory was good to me at kenyon, but let’s face it. who the hell cares. #liberalarts #jobless. the story of nina’s burial pomegranate (which i just deleted, so hopefully you’re confused) – will not belong on my blog until i’m 47. so right now… how to express topics of genuine interest. well. guantanamera, a deliberately rare (and bullish!) pitbull tune, just injected itself into soap-soft calm of my apartment. (sorry roommie). also, my circadian rhythms are set to tonight’s kardashian episode (after a week hiatus! @sarahdough6 9 EST for thoughts&reflections). and last, this obama vs carly rae jepsen “piece” has my heartstrings taught with hope for 2012! that diction! the swift cuts! the integrity!

so, with heavy heart, i eschew the afore mentioned blog topics of herbert temple and the rhondel (GRASSYASS A DIOS), and sail toward safer topical (tropical) waters of pitbull and his raucous cohorts (i.e., i will now focus this blogs on celebs and stupid ((yet s.d. genuine!)) shit). don’t worry, suffocating syntax won’t ever vanish, nor will the occasional hamburger meat alphabet. truly though, the best job interview i’ve had this year was a conversation justifying levity, balancing your syria news with kris jenner’s jumpsuits, and feeling comfortable indulging in the culture that’s been handed to us. because that’s the thing about pop culture, it feels good. like bojanles and terry cloth slippers. i mean, pitbull is MISTER WORLDWIDE, whether or not you identify with lyrics like:

I’ve been to countries and cities I can’t pronounce

And places on the globe I didn’t know existed 

In Romania, she pulled me to the side and said 

Pit you can have me and my sister. 

…you (and your romanian sister) will be forced to succumb! to the mas suave-est man on earth! always with delicate facial hair, a bald head, a fortune 500 suit, and sipping something clear.

now if you’ll excuse me… #notapitbull.


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