as of late, unfortunately

isn’t she just the greatest? can i wear that octopus hat skiing? potentially watching this repeatedly, as i’m doing, will provide freak catharsis and cure my insomnia. was anyone else jealous of dan lee in his ny mag article, “i just want to feel everything” article (rendezvous) with fiona apple last week?  i too have a crush on the small fiona apple, dan. and so does everyone. so let me tell you something. it is a  freak crush. [freeck krush: n. 1. an obsession with a moppet; 2. loving an enigma, not a person, because that is easier in the end 3. paleolithic marijuana]. freak crushes are not real. to love a person, the person must love you back. fiona will never love us back, dan!

fiona, here’s a poem i wrote for you. hope you like it!!! step aside dan.

43 vine canopies later,
you and jane emerge. six legs,
heavy with wander
excited to see your blow up mattress
right where you left it
under the vines.

jane goes first,
puts paw to button, “inflate,”
and looks you in the eye.
see, it will inflate,
he says,
we have nothing to fear.

paw in hand
fur ear to flesh
you’ll syphon dreams
of beekeeping shrimp
in seas of gazpacho.


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