billy goats gruff

last night there was some confusion so i wanted to quickly clarify. “the three billy goats gruff: what really happened.” ask yourself – do you know the fable? the tale as old as time? three billy goats are trying to cross the bridge to greener pastures but there’s a troll who wants to eat them. the first goat, the smallest, is like “troll, my friends are fatter, you should eat them and let me cross. i’ll taste gross.” so the troll says fine. then the second goat comes, same thing. then the third goat comes, fat and mighty, and hoists the troll up with his billy goat horns and tosses him into the stream. it’s not a deep stream but the pebbles are sharp and the troll dies. so the fat one crosses and they all eat grass. 


Little Rat

Little rats on the track, get back!

You’ll give a mom one heart attack

You’ll berate the gods, you’ll give them flack!

and guess what, guys? Alack!


I’m sorry.

I digress.

Like the freighted calls of the Baroness

hum-di-lilla, hum-di-die

Make mince meat of this party pie! 


Posies sprinkled over lanes

to guild the scent of ghoulish blight

brought by scampering furrowing bees

pecking at Venice like cheddar cheese.


But there, I feel, I see it true!

The train now comes to flatten you!

With cheeks so full and a tail too tight

You’ll squint your eyes and fade to night!


At night I peel off socks

I sprinkle pine nuts over noodles

Small thing, I forget.