fruit paintins

Imageshe toppled out of the cab, droll little mouth sinched along the seams of her prada clutch, paying in cash to avoid the 25% tip credit minimum. as soon as she materialized on the curb,   a tiny cat descended on a cloud and clenched the end of her boa in its teeth. 


but the kitty grinned and pressed the button on its cloud and zoomed back to heaven. 


why all dem renaissance painters paintin fruit? 


wires in the sink

Radiolab “Color” Recap:

The light SHATTERED and became a rainbow on the wall.

“A colored image of the sun.”

Newton said. And gathered white was the sum of all colors, the kaleighdoscopic prism brain, not savory puffs of God’s baby breath.

The poets were pissed.

“He’s removed all the poetry from the rainbow!!!!!” pitchforkpitchforkpitchfork

Said Keats.

But thanks to good old Goethe and the ghost of his purple crocus (NOT the Middlesex reckoning of the bud), we know that colors are tricks of the imagination.

No perfectly objective view of color.

And that was a conclusion brought to you by poets and scientists – warring tribes of Right and Left, ions of the withering brisket, summertime sultans, & Petes in the petri dish. My heart halves equally in the palms of your holy lands.


I’ve missed you all!