this heart is burnin’ up

it’s true! this heart is burning up! mostly as a tribute to walk the moon, which i only really listened to today (kenyon gasp! encore, encore! i feel the tingly sprigs of associative fame!). on a more medical note – my heart is also literally burning. lack of AC, august, etc. etc. AND THE FACT THAT I AM MOVING right now! with, apparently, all of young new york — which the new yorker has appropriately couched in this week’s shouts & murmurs, “EVERYTHING MUST GO” — “i command you to BURN EVERYTHING.”

that article and this walk the moon song are all billowing together into this labor day weekend’s chthonic motif of HOT HOT MOVING HELL.


in other news, this garden looks like intestines! it’s the marqueyssac gardens in france (what actually came up when i googled ‘intestinal gardens’). dis was originally the estate of louis xiv’s counselor, bertrand vernet de marqueyssac (woof), but it didn’t get gussied up (intestinified) until the 1860s when its new owner planted boxwood, linden, cyrpress, and stone pine trees and carved them into crazy anatomical goobs. just another reason to love trees. those trees in the foreground look like salt shakers too (also those weird little cakes with maraschino cherries on top, and cylindrical breasts), which is obviously +++.

ok y’all, time to move. goodbye east williamsburg, streets full of shit, hello prospect heights — you don’t gotta be bertrand vernet to have gardens (prospect park!!!!!) in your backyard :   )


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